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6-Figure Academy: Laying a Foundation

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6-Figure Academy: Laying a Foundation


Dr. Travis Goodson

Travis serves as our most senior industrial and organizational consultant. With over a decade of experience working with and managing corporate teams of various sizes in a host of industries, Travis brings a unique perspective to the teaching platform. Additionally, Travis has earned his Master of Art in Applied Psychology, specific to the arena of Industrial and Organizational Psychology. Understanding both basic and advanced concepts relative to organizational behavior, coupled with a dynamic work history, Travis delivers solid, relevant, and engaging lectures that are designed to improve knowledge sharing and transference, accelerate cognitive growth, and increase both individual and collective performance.

So, what is it?

Welcome to your future. In this foundational course you will learn the basics of business. Beginning with your "why", we move through a host of topics to include: motivational profiles, value, minimum viable products, the legalities associated with building a business (e.g., C-Corp, S-Corp, LLC), how to set up a business bank account, and closing your first deal! Even if you don't own or operate a business, each week we talk about how each of the topics mentioned above tie directly into your ability to grow right where you're at.

This course is delivered at your convenience via audio visual lectures, presentations, written articles, worksheets and podcasts - all on demand. Additionally, you will have one of our experienced consultants working with you one on one, each week, to monitor your progress and coach you through the program - from your initial idea, to your first sale, and beyond.

In addition to the material accessed here, you've become a member of the Biz Doc social network - a place to connect with other like minded professionals that share the same drive, tenacity, and never-quit attitude that get's results instead of excuses.

To Infinite Success,

The Biz Doc

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