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 What is this?


Where do you see yourself in 5-years?


Living the life you keep dreaming about, each day at work after clocking in and putting in your time? Or stuck behind that counter, in the shop, at the plant, dealership, or office?


What if I said you could have the life you've always wanted; you don't have to choose between that #6 combo at lunch OR sending your daughter or son to the summer camp they've always wanted to go to. Life doesn't have to be so hard.


The bad news? 95% of the people reading this aren't ready or willing to put in the work, or do what it takes to live the life they want - and that's ok. This group isn't for you.


If you're so frustrated with "getting by", constantly having to check the balance of your bank account, or worried you might not wake up on time for work because you're physically too tired to sleep at night - it's time for change, and you're past ready.


So what is this group about?


The 6-Figure Academy is specifically designed to empower, support, educate, and provide group accountability for those that are brave enough to start building their future.


Yes, I said build - because a dream life without work ends the minute you wake up and head in for your 9 to 5.


But why is there a charge to get in?


Living the life you want requires an investment, and this investment in yourself separates you from the other 95%.


In this group you will be surrounded and supported by others just like you -






and ready for change


What do you get from the group?


  1. Each week I will post content designed to educate, empower, and grow the mindset of the members, while facilitating active and productive discussions about starting your own business.

  2. Peer support and encouragement from those at different points in their own journey - from beginner to millionaire.

  3. A safe space to vent about your frustration, unique challenges, and celebrate your triumphs


Why is a safe space important? You are the sum of your closest 5-friends - if those around you aren't generating sustainable wealth or pursuing success, all they're going to do is talk down to you, berate you, and worse.


Here, the more you grow and share, the more you will be engaged and celebrated for your success. We're here to help, support, and educate - no room for hate or negativity.


Join the top 5% and change your life




Keep scrolling and wake up one day living with the weight of regret for what "should" or "could" have been.


We will see you on the other side.


- The Biz Doc

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